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The 2017 NARPM® Committee Chairs and their contact information is listed below. Please contact them with any questions or suggestions you may have regarding various committee functions and duties.

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Ron Wills


Are you interested in joining the COMMUNICATIONS Committee?

Ron Wills, MPM® RMP®
(615) 690-5650
(615) 754-0888 fax

Eric Wetherington


Are you interested in joining the FINANCE Committee?

Eric Wetherington, MPM® RMP®
(843) 202-2130
(843)746-4800 fax

Kristi Malcom.jpg

Governmental Affairs

Are you interested in joining the GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS Committee?

Kristi Malcom, RMP®
(770) 635-7560
(770) 675-3237 fax

Bart Sturzl


Bart Sturzl, MPM® RMP®
(512) 693-4772
(512) 693-4773 fax

James Alderson

Member Services

Are you interested in joining the MEMBER SERVICES Committee?

James Alderson, MPM® RMP®
(210) 325-7905
(210) 579-9451 fax

Shannon McLaughlin

Professional Development

Are you interested in joining the PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Committee?

Shannon McLaughlin Ives, MPM® RMP®
(210) 340-1717
(210) 342-4198 fax


Annual Convention and Trade Show Chair

Danielle L. Coke, RMP®


Broker/Owner Conference and Expo Chair

Jennifer Newton