Message from the President - National Association of Residential Property Managers

Message from the President

2020 Elevate the Vision logoI love new beginnings! New Year’s Day and the first day of school are my two favorite days of the year. They each represent a fresh start, a clean slate, and new opportunities. It is a time to reflect on our previous experiences, set a vision for new ones, and make changes. The excitement that comes with new beginnings and changes can be accompanied with a feeling that something might go wrong or I might not succeed. It can be scary and wrought with fear. It takes a lot of courage to step into an environment where so much is new. I have found moving in that direction opens doors that create triumph and accomplishment. I am looking forward to sharing the journey of NARPM® growth and new opportunities with you, so we can triumph together!

While many new changes occurred in 2019, one of our first big changes for 2020 is coming up in a few short months. For the first time in 10 years, the 2020 Broker/Owner Conference & Expo is being held in a new location. We will be meeting in April in Oahu, Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort! Randall Henderson and the Committee are working diligently to create a whole new experience, while retaining the value we all expect from this world-class conference. The 2020 Broker/Owner Conference & Expo is bringing together leading industry experts to provide solutions, strategies, and best practices to grow your business.

Our 2020-2022 Strategic Plan addresses so many exciting positions and goals to advance and elevate the organization and its vision. Our Governmental Affairs Committee will be focusing on positioning NARPM® as a trusted partner to members, chapters, and government officials in matters of public policy that affect the industry and the rights of property owners. This will directly benefit so many in the space we operate.

In an effort to position NARPM® as a contemporary organization with a growing, vibrant, and engaged membership dedicated to professional residential property management, we have created a task force to investigate ways to enhance NARPM®’s leadership training program to create a pool of leaders to serve NARPM®, its chapters, and the profession. I am especially passionate about developing others in their careers (and their lives) and look forward to watching this unfold and develop.

Focusing on education provided by NARPM® is also part of the Strategic Plan. The Professional Development Committee is charged with positioning NARPM® as the leading provider of quality, timely, and convenient education for residential property managers. This can come in many forms and promises to be a strong pillar of NARPM®’s relevancy.

There are so many visionary ideas that came out of our 2020-2022 Strategic Planning session.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “That’s all well and good, but what’s in it for me?” As a long time volunteer and Board member with NARPM®, I promise you the direction we are heading is for the sole purpose of creating and increasing value to your membership and to your career. While you may find value here and there, we (the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Ambassadors, Chapter Leaders) are continually working to benefit you in as many ways as possible. It is no secret that there are other avenues for you to pursue growth and development in the world of residential property management. By sharing the direction of NARPM® for 2020 and beyond, I hope you will not only see the value of your membership grow, but you might even become NARPM®’s biggest fan by participating in the journey with us to grow and improve.

In her book, Dare to Lead, Brené Brown says, “Daring leadership is ultimately about serving other people, not ourselves. That’s why we choose courage.”

NARPM® is equipped and ready for the next level. We don’t want to just remain the standard for the industry. We are set to propel that standard to the next level. We want to shake things up and Elevate the Vision! In this process, changes will happen and are inevitable. I challenge you to join me in this journey to try new things, move in the direction of courage, and see what triumphs and accomplishments come your way!

Kellie Tollifson, MPM® RMP®
2020 NARPM® President

Kellie Tollifson, MPM® RMP®

Kellie TollifsonPresident Kellie Tollifson, MPM® RMP®, has been in the property management business since 1996, first as a landlord managing her own investment properties, and then soon after, as an Owner of T-Square Properties, which now manages over 450 properties and 85 Homeowner Associations. Kellie is the Executive Vice President of Operations, Managing Broker, and oversees all of the day-to-day activities of the business located in Bothell, Washington, just Northeast of Seattle. Kellie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science from San Jose State University. Kellie served as the 2018 NARPM® Treasurer, the 2016-2017 Northwest RVP, and the 2014-2015 NARPM® National Member Services Committee Chair. Kellie also served locally as the King County Chapter President in 2010 and has served on several other NARPM® Committees, including Finance and National Convention.