Strategic Planning

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NARPM® Leadership Works from a Strategic Plan

This plan is a living document that encourages strategic thinking, creative, and careful consideration of the future. This document culminates the dynamic process of positioning NARPM ® for the future. It gives overall guidance and direction on agreed upon goals, yet charges the volunteer and management staff to deal with unknown, unexpected and unpredictable issues. Regular review of the strategic plan will incorporate changes in the environment, shifting goals, and new ventures.

Download Strategic Plan adopted by NARPM® Board of Directors for 2018-2019.

NARPM® Core Ideology

Core ideology describes an organization’s consistent identity that transcends all changes related to its relevant environment. Core ideology consists of three notions: vision, mission and core values. The vision describes the organization’s reason for being. The mission describes who we are, what we do and how we do it. Our core values are the enduring principles that guide the behavior of the organization.


NARPM® will be the recognized leader in residential property management.


NARPM® provides resources for residential property management professionals who desire to learn, grow, and build relationships.

Core Values that Guide NARPM®

  • Networking – Cooperation and sharing as colleagues.
  • Education – Promotion of education and business development.
  • Advocacy – Advance the profession by influencing issues that impact the residential property management industry.
  • Professionalism Recognize expertise through professional designation.
  • Ethics – Respect and integrity among members brought about by ethical, honest and credible behavior.

2-Year Planning Focus

The following represents the focus for the next two (2) years. These foci are outcome-oriented statements that represent what will constitute the organization’s future success.

Focus 1: Education
Focus 2: Advocacy
Focus 3: Engagement