Register for NARPM Legislative and Educational Conference

September 2020  •  Posted In: News

President’s Message

May 2019  •  Posted In: News

If you’ve ever driven the famous Road to Hana on the beautiful island of Maui, you know about all the crazy twists and turns on that road. Over the course of 52 miles, there are a staggering 620 curves. But around each curve, the most breathtaking views of the mountains… Read More

What If You Could Change Your World In Only 57 Seconds

May 2019  •  Posted In: News

A few weeks ago, like lots of Americans, I boarded a Southwest flight from Indianapolis to Sanibel Island for a trip to warm sunshine and beaches. It was a full flight, so there was the typical grumbling about no aisle or window seats. Plus, we took off about 20 minutes… Read More

Be a TriplePlay Investor

March 2019  •  Posted In: News

Please consider supporting NARPM®’s governmental affairs efforts by becoming a NARPM® Triple Play Investor. • Your Triple Play Investment supports three important NARPM advocacy initiatives: NARPM® PAC, the NARPM® Advocacy Fund*, and NARPM® 2019 Day on the Hill. • You will be recognized as a NARPM® Triple Play Investor. •… Read More

You Can’t Afford Not to Attend!

March 2019  •  Posted In: News

“I can’t afford it.” How many times have we heard that objection from an owner? Confidently, we respond, “You can’t afford not to hire us as your property manager.” How many owner presentations have you done, telling them all the hidden reasons and owner benefits they would get from using… Read More

Join us at NARPM’s 2019 Day on the Hill

February 2019  •  Posted In: News

Meet us in Washington D.C, May 13th and 14th, for NARPM’s Day on the Hill! Make contacts with key Members of Congress, their staffs and HUD on important residential property management issues such as emotional support animals, source of income, evictions, disparate impact, and others. Learn More Your registration fee… Read More

Legislative Scoop: It’s 2019! Time to Get Involved with the Governmental Affairs Committee

January 2019  •  Posted In: Residential Resource

No matter how you slice it, governmental policies affect our everyday decisions in how we operate our lives and businesses. Sure, we could put our heads in the sand and act like nothing will happen, OR we can stand together and better our industry as a whole. On any given… Read More

NARPM Discussion Board ‘Hot Topics’

January 2019  •  Posted In: Residential Resource

QUESTION: Does anyone have experience or informed advice on dealing with a security deposit related to a tenant-caused house fire? The fire was early this month, but tenant paid this month’s rent before that. The house is uninhabitable and tenants will not be returning to it (or any other house… Read More

Legislative Sessions are Gearing Up for ’19 – and what YOU can do about it

January 2019  •  Posted In: News

  Most people think there’s little to nothing that they can do about how their state or federal governments are run. Decisions are made that aren’t conducive to good business, and they grumble and complain, but don’t do anything. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have… Read More

Top Speakers on Tap for Broker/Owner Conference

January 2019  •  Posted In: Broker/Owner

Well-known entrepreneur, speaker and real estate investor Dave Ramsey says frequently that you learn the most from the people who have risen the highest, whether it’s their money management skills, running a business or just getting ahead in their profession. Some of the people who’ve done just that are featured… Read More



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