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Legislative Scoop: It’s 2019! Time to Get Involved with the Governmental Affairs Committee

January 2019  •  Posted In: Residential Resource

No matter how you slice it, governmental policies affect our everyday decisions in how we operate our lives and businesses. Sure, we could put our heads in the sand and act like nothing will happen, OR we can stand together and better our industry as a whole. On any given… Read More

NARPM Discussion Board ‘Hot Topics’

January 2019  •  Posted In: Residential Resource

QUESTION: Does anyone have experience or informed advice on dealing with a security deposit related to a tenant-caused house fire? The fire was early this month, but tenant paid this month’s rent before that. The house is uninhabitable and tenants will not be returning to it (or any other house… Read More

Starting A Chapter 101 – December

December 2018  •  Posted In: Residential Resource

NARPM is all about networking, as I was recently reminded. I attended the NARPM National Convention in San Diego (Coronado), California and sat next to someone in a class who became a new friend.   It was his first time attending a NARPM Convention and, as he was relating all… Read More

July: The RVP Bulletin

July 2018  •  Posted In: News, Residential Resource

Are you getting involved? The Central Region Chapters are. It is an exciting year in our region. Great things are happening and everyone involved is reaping the benefits. Greater Dallas Chapter President Amy Karns, RMP, with the support of her board, has taken the bull by the horns and the… Read More

Discussion Board: Hot Topics

June 2018  •  Posted In: News, Residential Resource

What Hot Topics are Property Managers Currently Talking About? NARPM® maintains Discussion Boards for several specialties within the organization. These Discussion Boards enable Members to stay in contact and to share questions and concerns as they arise. If you would like to participate in one of these groups, visit… Read More

Protect Tenant Screening

June 2018  •  Posted In: News, Residential Resource

Freedom of Information Day Protect Tenant Screening The Freedom of Information Act is the cornerstone of tenant screening. Without it, property managers and landlords like yourself would be renting to tenants in the dark. I bet you didn’t know that March 16 was Freedom of Information Day, celebrating the birthday… Read More

June: From the Desk of the Executive Director

June 2018  •  Posted In: News, Residential Resource

In this issue of the Residential Resource, I will run through a few of the initiatives NARPM® is undertaking in 2018. The Communications Committee just released the new Members At Large Newsletter. It is a great communication vehicle for those members who do not belong to a chapter. If you… Read More

Policies & Procedures Do Not Include “It Depends”

June 2018  •  Posted In: News, Residential Resource

If you’re on the NARPM® Discussion Board or follow any of the property management groups on Facebook, you’re probably familiar with the following kind of conversation: Question: “How should I handle XYZ issue with my tenant/owner?” Answer: “Well, it depends…” “It depends” should be thought of as the two scariest … Read More

June Legislative Scoop: What’s Up with Rent Control?

June 2018  •  Posted In: Legislative, News, Residential Resource

As we continue to see more and more municipalities embrace rent control, it raises the question of who’s next. There are currently more than 100 municipalities that have rent control laws in place and more are taking the bait. Let’s explore both sides of the coin and see how it… Read More

June: RVP Bulletin

June 2018  •  Posted In: News, Residential Resource

Let me start by telling you that I am a proud Gen-Xer. Being a part of Generation X comes with pros and cons. My generation is much smaller than the Baby Boomers or Millennials and has had to deal with a lot of change, from rotary dial to smart phones,… Read More