Education is a key component of the mission statement of NARPM® and our organization delivers educational courses that are essential to your professional performance and advancement. Review our Course Descriptions to find out more about these exceptional educational opportunities.

If you have questions about Education Classes
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Experienced Educators

Our instructors are active NARPM® members and principals in their own property management companies. They bring their practical experience to the classroom to enhance the learning process. These talented individuals are skilled at delivering the best possible training and are veteran educators. Take a look at the credentials our instructors bring to you.

Interested in Attending a Class?

Between national, regional and local activities NARPM® always has a class being offered. Visit our Course Schedule to determine the time and place that works best for you. Online courses are also available so you can start down the road to designation without leaving your home or office. Keep in mind that classes can be taken by both members and non-members.

Interested in Sponsoring a Class?

Support your education courses! Bring national courses to local members by having your chapter host one (or a few). You now have the opportunity to sponsor an Ethics course or one of the 6-8 Hour courses. Complete the appropriate form below, which will guide you through the process.
Sponsorship Guide for NARPM® Ethics Courses
Sponsorship Guide for NARPM® 6-8 Hour Courses

Interested in Becoming an Instructor?

NARPM® needs you! Help shape our RMP®, MPM®, and CSS® candidates by becoming an instructor. You have valuable knowledge and industry training that will enhance each NARPM® education course. For requirements and to apply, download the application.

Are You a Vendor That Has Education to Offer NARPM® Members?

Affiliate vendors can submit their own education courses to NARPM® National. These courses will be reviewed and, if approved, can be used toward elective NARPM® educational credits. This means that Chapters can offer them to help meet the goal of all Chapters offering NARPM®education, and members can receive credit towards their designations. Vendors can submit this application to NARPM® National for review. Please note that each course application is $100 and this fee should be included with the application.