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The power that comes with increased knowledge and confidence is tangible. It is what sets you apart from your competition. Professional designations* from NARPM® have an impact on your company and your clients—and the results translate directly to the bottom line. Add the credibility of our professional designations to your name and to your company name!

NARPM® designations* are earned with a combination of property management experience, NARPM® and industry education, and service to the association through volunteer activities. You may have taken clock-hour courses to maintain your license. Imagine the gains when the courses are specifically focused on what you do as a property manager—and are being taught by a property management professional. Take it one step further and envision networking with other experienced property managers from across the country. Earning your NARPM® designation* will bring a whole new dimension to your daily tasks. *You must be a member of NARPM National in order to be eligible to apply for a NARPM designation or certification.

Mentors are no longer a requirement to complete the designation process, however if you would like to request assistance please refer to the approved mentor list.

For Property Managers: RMP® & MPM®

Residential Management Professional (RMP®) and Master Property Manager (MPM®) are the designations residential property owners recognize and seek. Any member or non-member may take the RMP® or MPM® classes. Professional members may seek candidacy for the designations. Details about qualifications and submission requirements are listed on the RMP® Overview and MPM® Overview pages.

For Companies: CRMC®

Property management firms that are headed by an MPM® and that demonstrate the highest level of professionalism are eligible for the Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC®) designation. Companies who apply for this designation are consistently the leading firms in their geographical area. They understand that continued success only comes with advancement. To find out the criteria for the NARPM® CRMC® designation, check out the CRMC® Overview page.

For Support Specialist: CSS®

Certified Support Specialist (CSS®) professionals work in an organization with a NARPM® member who has earned the RMP® or MPM® designation. Those individuals are actively engaged in supporting the company’s property managers are eligible to earn the CSS® certification. These are the staff members who make their interest in contributing to the well being of their employer’s company known by their actions—and not just their words. To find out more about the NARPM® CSS® certification requirements, visit our CSS® Overview page.

Specialize your CSS® by taking courses in Maintenance

A properly trained, well-educated staff member will return untold profits to your bottom line. Virtually all requirements of the CSS® with a specialization in Property Maintenance certification can be earned online. To find out more on this specialization, visit our CSS® Overview page.

Specialize your CSS® by taking courses for Property Management Bookkeeper

NARPM® seeks to become the dominant source for educating and training Management Bookkeepers in the residential property management industry. Virtually all requirements of the CSS with a specialization in Management Bookkeeper certification can be earned online. To find out more about this specialization, visit our CSS® Overview page.

Darryl Kazen Memorial Scholarship

The Darryl Kazen Memorial Scholarship will be awarded for the seventh time at the 2024 NARPM® Convention in Dallas, TX. The Scholarship is open for an RMP® Candidate, who will receive their designation at the 2024 Convention, or for someone who received their RMP® since the 2023 Convention. The award amount covers the Designation Application fee, course registration fees, and the Basic Convention Registration Fee.

• The winner must be registered for the upcoming Convention. (You must be present to win.)
• Have passed all required NARPM courses.
• Have 10 hours of participation at a local, state, or National level through volunteer hours.
• You must have already paid the amounts listed above, so you will be reimbursed by the Scholarship.

Darryl Kazen, MPM® RMP®, gave many years to the NARPM® organization through, not only his membership, but he was a NARPM® National Instructor, Designations Auditor, and a mentor to many NARPM® Members. This Scholarship honors his commitment to NARPM® and excelling the profession of Property Management.

The Darryl Kazen Scholarship Application package must be submitted in its entirety, except for letters of recommendation. Incomplete application packages will be rejected. Application packages must be sent to NARPM® 1403 Greenbrier Parkway, Suite 150, Chesapeake, VA 23320 or via email with the subject line Darryl Kazen Application at

Scholarship recipient will be selected by the Professional Development Chair and Designation Subcommittee Vice Chair at least 30 days prior to the National convention. The Scholarship Recipient will be announced at the National convention.
Submission deadline is August 16, 2024.

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“NARPM® has changed the way I do business. The members are just like me. I absolutely love the feeling and ability to be able to pick up the phone and call another property manager. NARPM® has made me more effective, efficient and helped me to truly reflect on the professional field of property management. After all, this is our chosen career. Coming together, growing together and having fun is what NARPM® is all about.”
Melissa Prandi, MPM® RMP®
PRANDI Property Management, CRMC®
San Rafael, CA
Melissa Prandi, MPM® RMP®
PRANDI Property Management, CRMC®
San Rafael, CA