Master Property Manager (MPM®)

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An MPM® designation is the highest level a member can attain within NARPM®. The distinction will set you apart from the competition and is the gateway for your business to become a Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC®).

Who is right for the MPM®?
Ready for your MPM®? You need to have already attained your RMP® and manage 500 units over a five-year period. MPM® candidates are serious about becoming true experts in our field and are ready for the commitment to receive the designation.

How will you stand out?
NARPM® members with the MPM® designation wear the honor with pride and are seen as leaders in our industry. And like the RMP®, the MPM® designation will enhance your skill set and make you a more versatile residential property professional. At NARPM®, we believe you should work every day to become #NARPMSmart.

And with an MPM®, you will do just that.

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“Achieving my MPM® designation in NARPM® gave me the credibility that I could effectively convey to potential clients. Master Property Manager is a simple concept…this is a professional with years of experience and commitment to the industry. This person is one who can be trusted to provide quality service and care to you and your valuable asset. I always have my designation after my name on all my materials as I am very proud of this accomplishment and well aware of the benefits it provides to my business.”

Andrea G. Caldwell, MPM® RMP®
NARPM® President, 2004
Century 21 Alpha
San Jose, CA

Andrea Caldwell