Learn About NARPM® PAC - National Association of Residential Property Managers

Learn About NARPM® PAC

Congratulations to the NARPM PAC 2020 Sweepstakes Winners! Many thanks to everyone for your support – continued and new – of the NARPM PAC!


Why should I invest in NARPM® PAC?

One of the key issues affecting your business is the political environment you face every day. That is why the NARPM® Board of Directors has supported the creation of NARPM® PAC.

Like it or not, politics and regulations affect you, your family, your business, and your income. As you know, over 30% of US housing is from renters and it’s growing. When such a large population base is in our business area, politics will be there too, in the form of laws and regulations in important areas like taxation, lead paint, fair housing, rental inspections, bankruptcy laws, and companion and comfort animals.

All these issues and others will impact your business and you need to have a voice in who will make the final legislative decisions. Even if you are not a political junkie or do not follow issues in Washington DC, as a member of NARPM®, you can make a difference on our critical legislative issues. The key is to take action.

Through our Political Action Committee (NARPM® PAC), we can work together to elect candidates who support the legislative programs, initiatives, and philosophy of creating a favorable Residential Property Management business climate.

We need to communicate with our lawmakers and work to elect those who are willing to listen to our views. Investing in the National Association of Residential Property Managers’ Political Action Committee (NARPM® PAC) is one of the most effective ways that you can elect and support such lawmakers. It is also one of the smartest steps you can take to help protect the future we all share.

We have several investment levels.

  • Fair Share = $25.00+
  • 100 Club = $100.00+
  • Investor = $250.00+
  • Capitol Contributor = $500.00+
  • Major Investor = $1,000.00+

You have the power to make a difference; please take action today.

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Want to know more?

Questions & Answers about the PAC.

What is NARPM® PAC? NARPM® PAC is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated group registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) whose membership consists of NARPM® members and affiliates interested in protecting residential property management and the rights of property owners. The voluntary contributions NARPM® PAC receives support candidates for Congress who demonstrate support for preservation of property rights and residential property management.

Who Administers NARPM® PAC?

The NARPM® PAC Board of Trustees is responsible for all NARPM® operations and financial transactions. View the list of current Trustees.

* Where do my NARPM® PAC dollars go and what is a “Personal” contribution vs a “Corporate” contribution?

The voluntary contributions NARPM® PAC receives support candidates for federal office who demonstrate support for preservation of property rights and residential property management. We can only accept personal contributions. All corporate contributions will be returned. Please review the PAC Pledge Card for acceptable contribution methods.

Do you have additional questions or comments?

Please email NARPM®’s Governmental Affairs Director, Tyler Craddock at tcraddock@narpm.org