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Residential Management Professional (RMP®)

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Join the many other NARPM® members who have already attained their RMP® designation. An RMP® designation will help you build credibility within our industry and stand out to potential clients.

Who is right for the RMP®?
We’re looking for members who are hungry and ready to grow their businesses. You must already manage 100 units over a two-year period and be committed to gaining new skills that will take your company to the next level.

How will you “stand out”?
On the NARPM® website, we list our members by designation. That means with your RMP®, you will appear higher up and be more visible. The RMP® designation process makes you a more engaged NARPM® member, builds character, enhances your skills, and makes you better at every aspect of your job.

In short, with an RMP® designation you will become #NARPMSmart.

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“The RMP® designation helped set me apart in my community from other property managers. I can refer to my designation with pride and explain the knowledge I have achieved makes me a better property manager. I became so excited about learning after taking my RMP® classes, I decided to take it to the next level and now I am the only one in my city to have an MPM®! The designations are a great way to market myself and our company and helps us to get new business.”
Property Management Experts
Stockton, CA
Property Management Experts
Stockton, CA