Residential Management Professional (RMP®)

RMP® Requirements

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  • Download the RMP® Candidacy Checklist
  • Be a current member of NARPM®.
  • Be a currently licensed real estate agent for a period of not less than the 2 previous years. (If your state requires licensing.)
  • Verification of 100 unit years of experience acquired over a minimum of two consecutive years. (One unit year equals management of 1 residential unit for 1 year.) Must manage a minimum of 25 residential units during candidacy period and at the time of achieving the designation. All Unit Years Verification should be provided on the required Verification of Unit Years Form.
  • Successfully complete 18 hours of NARPM® approved coursework, plus the NARPM® Ethics course.
  • Earn 50 elective points through service to NARPM®. All Service Verification should be provided on the required Verification of Service Form.
  • Attend two NARPM® state or regional conferences OR one NARPM® national convention prior to completing candidacy.
  • Submit letters of recommendation from 2 RMP® or MPM® designees and 3 clients. Letters of Recommendation should be completed through online designation packet.
  • Submit a completed candidacy checklist packet within 3 years of application date.
  • Non-refundable application fee of $150.
  • Ways to Earn Designation Points
  • Apply for Designation
  • Candidacy Mentors are no longer a requirement to complete the RMP® designation, but you can request assistance from an Approved Mentor to complete your designation packet. Download the Approved Mentor list.

6/8-Hour Courses

Eighteen hours of NARPM® approved courses, plus the Ethics class, are required to achieve the RMP® designation. With the exception of the required three-hour Ethics Course, the following classes are one day (six hours) in length, except Managing Single Family Homes and Small Investment Properties, which is eight hours.

View Course Descriptions.

Are You Eligible for the Darryl Kazen Memorial Scholarship?

Visit here for the application forms and more information.

The Darryl Kazen Memorial Scholarship will be awarded for the second time at the 2017 NARPM® Convention in Orlando, Florida. The Scholarship is open for an RMP® Candidate, who will receive their designation at the 2017 Convention, or for someone who received their RMP® since the 2016 Convention. If you got your plaque at the 2016 Convention or before, you are not eligible. The award amount of $1,185 covers the Designation Application fee ($150), three (3) 6-hour courses early registration fee ($540) and the Convention Registration Fee ($495).

  • The winner must be registered for the upcoming Convention. (You must be present to win.)
  • Have passed all required 6-hour educational courses.
  • Have 10 hours of participation at a local, state, or National level through volunteer hours.
  • You must have already paid the amounts listed above, so you will be reimbursed by the Scholarship.

“The RMP® designation helped set me apart in my community from other property managers. I can refer to my designation with pride and explain the knowledge I have achieved makes me a better property manager. I became so excited about learning after taking my RMP® classes, I decided to take it to the next level and now I am the only one in my city to have an MPM®! The designations are a great way to market myself and our company and helps us to get new business.”

Karen Carlson, MPM® RMP®
Property Management Experts
Stockton, CA

Karen Carlson