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NARPM® Advocacy Fund

What is the NARPM® Advocacy Fund (NAF)?

The NARPM® Advocacy Fund (NAF) is a voluntary fund that supports the advocacy efforts of NARPM®. NAF funds can be used for a number of items, including but not limited to, issues mobilization, lobbying/staffing/administrative costs associated with lobbying and with NARPM® PAC, travel costs associated with governmental affairs and NARPM® PAC, and the creation and dissemination of collateral resources for government affairs and NARPM® PAC.

How does NAF differ from NARPM® PAC?

These two entities have distinct roles. The sole purpose of NARPM® PAC is to support candidates for federal office who demonstrate support for preservation of property rights and residential property management. NAF does not make contributions to any candidates for office. Because of that, NAF can accept corporate contributions!

Why Should I Invest in NAF?

Like it or not, politics and regulations affect you, your family, your business, and your income. As you know, over 30% of U.S. housing is from rentals and it’s growing. When such a large population base is in our business area, you can rest assured that the politicians and regulators will be there too!

They are all too eager to write new laws and regulations in important areas like taxation, fair housing, rental inspections, bankruptcy laws, and companion animals.

All these issues and others will impact your business and your bottom line. You must have a voice in the process!

Even if you are not a political junkie or do not follow issues at the local, state, or federal levels, as a member of NARPM® you can make sure our industry has a seat at the table on the issues that affect you!

The key is to take action. Through the NAF, we can help advocate for legislative programs and initiatives that create a favorable Residential Property Management business climate.

Investing in the NARPM® Advocacy Fund is one of the most effective ways you can support positive policy outcomes that protect your business and the interests of your clients.

We have several investment levels:

Major Investor ($1,000+)
Capitol Contributor ($500+)
Investor ($250+)
100 Club ($100+)
Fair Share ($25+)
Other $____________

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