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We’re happy you are submitting your Candidacy Application to earn your designation! There are a variety of ways to get your application to NARPM®.

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You will receive a candidacy checklist and the link to the electronic upload within 30 days of receipt of this application. Application fees are non-refundable.

Questions? Contact the Professional Development Committee Chair.


Candidate Support Services

Designation Mentors

Mentors are no longer required to complete the designation process. If you would like to contact a Mentor to assist you with your designation process, please see the Approved Mentors List. Your Mentor will be your advocate and will assist you in obtaining your designation. The goal is for each candidate to be successful in their quest for a designation and to make the process the best possible experience. Having this program in place has meant that those who are obtaining their designation have a single source to answer questions and support from someone who has completed the program.

Candidacy Checklist

Each candidate is sent a Candidacy Checklist that outlines the steps needed to complete the process of earning your designations. This roadmap, along with your mentor, assures that the path to achieving your goal of NARPM® certification is free of roadblocks! This Checklist and the supporting documentation are referred to as the Candidate Packet.