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Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC®)

Make your company truly exceptional and #NARPMSmart with a CRMC®

Is your business ready to become a Certified Residential Management Company®? NARPM® members with the designation prove they have attained the highest levels of education and commitment in our field. A detailed examination of the company and recommendations from clients and peers are required for this designation.

Which companies are right for the CRMC®?
To apply, you must have an employee in your office who holds the MPM® designation. Your company must also be organized, follow NARPM® best practices, and be ready for the commitment that comes with the CRMC® process.

How will you “stand out”?
NARPM® member companies with a CRMC® are the gold standard in our industry. They command respect from other members, as well as current and potential clients. With a CRMC®, you ensure your business operates at the highest levels of our profession and tells the rest of our membership: We are truly #NARPMSmart.


CRMC® Requirements

  • Have an MPM® designee on staff.
  • Provide verification of 500 unit years of management experience. (One unit year equals management of 1 residential unit for 1 year.)
  • Successfully complete an on-site visit from a NARPM® auditor selected by the Certification Committee.
  • Complete the audit process within three years of making application.

Download the CRMC Handbook with CRMC Candidacy Checklist on page 9

Apply for Designation

The non-refundable application fee is $350. The expenses of the onsite auditor are the responsibility of the company being audited. NARPM® will pay the auditor and the company will need to reimburse NARPM®.

Download the brochure or request one from National.

CRMC® Renewal

Renewals must be completed annually. The cost for CRMC® renewals is $150.

CRMC® Renewal Form

CRMC® Recertification

CRMC® Recertification must be completed every three years. The cost for recertification is $150.

CRMC® Recertification Form

Apply for our Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC®) designation!


If you have questions about Designations and Certifications
Please contact designationinfo@narpm.org

“We felt that the CRMC® designation was not just important but necessary for our company. The CRMC® designation demonstrates our dedication to professional improvement to potential clients. The designation process forced our company to think and develop systems that was beneficial for both us and our clients!”
Michael McVety, MPM® RMP®
Realty Services Property Management Company, CRMC®
Fort Myers, FL
Michael McVety, MPM® RMP®
Realty Services Property Management Company, CRMC®
Fort Myers, FL