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Certified Support Specialist (CSS®)

Make your support staff #NARPMSmart with our CSS® certification.

Elevate your team and company profile with a valuable Certified Support Specialist certification. The certification shows your employees are serious about the profession, and a CSS® is often a stepping stone for admin personnel to attain their RMP®.

Who is right for the CSS®?
An employee in your office who provides admin support like customer service and scheduling. Show the employee you’re committed to his/her success and want the person to have a greater role within your team.

How will you “stand out”?
Companies with CSS employees prove once more that designations separate you from the competition. If you have a team full of designations like RMP®, MPM® and CSS®, it tells current and future clients you’re serious about doing the job right.

CSS® Requirements

2 & 3-Hour CSS® Only Courses

Four educational courses are required to earn the CSS certification with no specializations. Courses are only available online at this time. Courses include:

Specialize your CSS®

Your staff can specialize the CSS certification by taking courses in property maintenance and property management bookkeeping (see below).

CSS® with specialization in Property Maintenance

If your company employee oversees maintenance for your properties, this is a way to give them extra training and knowledge by taking the CSS with specialization in Property Maintenance.

The following courses are required for the Property Maintenance Specialization:

CSS® with specialization for Property Management Bookkeeper

Your staff who serves as the bookkeeper and provides additional support within the office can receive extra training in Finance and Property Management by obtaining the CSS with specialization for Property Management Bookkeeper.

The following courses are required for the Property Management Bookkeeper Specialization:


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“What this designation means to me is that I can proudly say I earned it and will practice the principals of an ethical assistant who can exercise good client focused relations and adhere to the fair housing practice, whether at work or in my personal life.”
Roxanne Mikolon, CSS®
PRANDI Property Management, CRMC®
San Rafael, CA
Roxanne Mikolon, CSS®
PRANDI Property Management, CRMC®
San Rafael, CA