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Governmental Affairs

Do you feel like the government understands residential property management? Could you help elected officials at all levels of government better understand your business and industry? NARPM® needs your help and you can make a difference!

Report By the Numbers

The NARPM Government Affairs Committee has had a busy first half of the 2020 year!

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Governmental Affairs Committee


Amanda Han, MPM®  RMP®

Federal/Legislative Conference
Subcommittee Chair

Michael Hodges, MPM®  RMP®

Policy Statements Subcommittee Chair

Marty Hutchison, MPM® RMP®

Nomination Leadership Team Chair

Chris Wyman

State and Local Subcommittee Chair

Danielle Rogers, MPM® RMP®

Residential Resource Subcommittee Chair

Shawn Johnson, MPM® RMP®

Governmental Affairs Regional Representatives

Regonal Liaison

Chris Wyman

Regional Liaison

Michael Hodges, MPM® RMP®

Regional Liaison

Tony Sims, MPM® RMP®

Regional Liaison

Danielle Rogers, MPM® RMP®

Regional Liaison

Brandon Morgan, RMP®

Regional Liaison

Bob Thomas, RMP®

Regional Liaison
(Pacific Islands)

Karen Cardoza

Governmental Affairs Committee At-Large Members

2020 NARPM President

Kellie Tollifson, MPM® RMP®

2020 NARPM President-Elect

Scott Abernathy, MPM® RMP®

2020 NARPM Treasurer

Tim Wehner, MPM® RMP®

Government Affairs National Staff

Governmental Affairs

Tyler Craddock

Governmental Affairs

Sam Kenny

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Our Mission

NARPM® is strongly committed to supporting its goals of professional and ethical practices of rental home management through awareness, education, and advocacy on behalf of its members on legislative issues that impact our businesses, clients, and customers, as well as the products and services we provide to the general public.