Intro to Maintenance; Covering the Basics of Standards, Codes & Safety - National Association of Residential Property Managers

Intro to Maintenance; Covering the Basics of Standards, Codes & Safety

(Revised 2017)

Touching on aspects of the Uniform Housing Code, Habitability Standards & Local Codes, Policies of Insurance Companies and NARPM’s Standards of Professionalism; Participants will understand why it is important to know how buildings are put together and what to look at when taking properties into management .

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Who Should Attend?
Maintenance Coordinators; Property Managers; Maintenance Assistants

What You Will Learn?

  • Introduction into the Building Components that Make Up Housing Structures
  • Recognize Common Standards of Habitability & the Uniform Housing Code
  • Understanding the Components and Categories of Maintenance
  • Lean to Outline the differing Types of Property Surveys, Reviews & Inspections
  • Review Safety Concerns including Carbon Monoxide; Mold; Lead Based Paint; Asbestos; & Radon

How YOU will Benefit?
Obtaining the basic understanding of building components and the risks involved in tenants occupying the structures will result in a more efficient property management operation. Learning how a property works and the problem solving skills that will come from that will make you a valued part of the management team.

Equipment/Materials Required:
None specific

Learning Objectives:

  • Basic Maintenance Terminology
  • Basic Building Components
  • Basic Building Systems & Services
  • Types of Maintenance
  • Types of Property Surveys (Inspections)
  • Safety & Health Concerns