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Personnel Procedures Essentials – Hiring and Firing

(Revised 2015)

You’ve reached capacity! You can’t add another property without help! This course from NARPM® will guide you through the hiring and employee management process of the small property management company while also looking at when and how best to address expansion of the company and its portfolio.

Who Should Attend?                      

Company Owners (1 person shops) looking to expand past themselves
Small Company Owners considering expansion
Property Managers
Office Managers

What You Will Learn?

Students of this course will come away with basic knowledge on not only when to hire your first assistant, but many of the essential steps involved hiring. Students will further gather information on several best practices in the employee management process.

How YOU will Benefit?

  • One person company owners can learn when and how to hire that first assistant or property manager
  • Smaller company owners can better judge when and how to manage expansion and job duties
  • Larger company owners and staff can discern about office staffing setup (departmental vs. portfolio)

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine when to hire
  • Develop effective job descriptions
  • List best hiring and selection practices
  • Outline inclusions in a policy-personnel handbook
  • Plan overall training and retention
  • Identify how and when to terminate



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