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Risk Awareness

(Revised 2018)

Risk is an inherent aspect of residential property management, yet the managing of risk is quite often overlooked. Prudent property managers are well aware of and prepared for the potentials of risk across all aspects of the business. This course will familiarize residential property managers with the risks (and their sources) that are involved in managing properties. Participants will learn the proper approaches to risk and ways of handling and safely minimizing risk.

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Who Should Attend?
Property Managers; Leasing Agents

What You Will Learn?

  1. Agency and the risks associated with the relationship
  2. Risks associated with owners, tenants and other areas within property management
  3. Approaches to risk
  4. Risks associated with Fair Housing regulations
  5. Ways in which risk can be handled and safely minimized

How YOU will Benefit?
Reduce the liability exposure to your clients, your company and yourself; minimize losses and retain more of your wealth. The skill obtaining in being better able to identify & categorize risk will become an invaluable asset in your property management tool box!

Equipment/Materials Required:

Learning Objectives:
Identify and Control the Risks Associated with Residential Property Management