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(Revised 2020)

This is a comprehensive look at the Tenant Cycle that all property management companies experience in their businesses. From Procurement through Move out, this is an immersive examination of the details involved in the day to day administration of the tenants.

Who Should Attend?                    

Leasing Agents
Property Managers
Marketing Assistants
Office Assistants

What You Will Learn?

Learn the Universal Six Steps of the Tenancy Cycle in comprehensive detail that all Property Management Companies work through with full leasing and management services:

  • Procurement
  • Screening
  • Lease Execution
  • Occupancy
  • Move Out
  • After the Tenancy

How YOU will Benefit?

Students of this course will come away with a greater understanding of the tenancy life cycle and its effect on the property management company operations. Students with this knowledge will be of a greater asset to their employer and their client as well as in their daily interactions with the prospects, applicants and tenants of the properties under management.

Learning Objectives:

Understanding the Six Steps of the Tenancy Cycle

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