Usage Guidelines - National Association of Residential Property Managers

Usage Guidelines

These guidelines were designed to clarify the use of the NARPM® logo by members. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail us before you print. Use of the NARPM® logo on your business cards, stationery and promotional pieces is encouraged. When in doubt about using the logo, do NOT start the presses until your job is approved by National.

Official Colors

The NARPM® maroon color is PMS #201 and the NARPM® blue color is PMS #7455. Your printer can easily match these colors for your printing needs.

Logo Use
  • Please be very careful in using anything other than the NARPM® logos downloaded here.
  • The NARPM® logo may NOT be resized in any way that distorts the proportions of the graphic. For example: if it is too tall, do not just shrink the height, be sure to shrink the whole thing. Do NOT add borders, lines, boxes, drop shadows, bevels or other effects to the logo.
  • The NARPM® logo may NOT be changed to any color other than the NARPM® maroon and blue specified above or black. In special circumstances, white may be used. Occasionally you may see a blue logo which is ONLY to be used by National for specific marketing materials.
  • Only current NARPM® members may use the NARPM® logo.
  • No products bearing the NARPM® logo may be produced for sale without written approval of National.
  • Only members in possession of a current NARPM® designation may use that designation.
  • NARPM® memberships and CSS®, CRMB, CMC, RMP®, MPM® designations are presented to individuals ONLY and not to an entire company. When a NARPM® member is the owner/broker/supervisor of the property management functions of a company, the company is allowed to use the NARPM® logo on the company letterhead, advertising, and marketing materials. However, employees who are not NARPM® members are NOT allowed to use the NARPM® logo on their business cards.
  • The proper way to display your designation is without a period between each letter. For example, “Ida Manager R.M.P.” is wrong. “Ida Manager, RMP®” is correct. Be sure you use a superscript registration mark at the end. CRMB and CMC do not have the superscript registration mark after them.
  • If you wish to spell out your designation, CSS® stands for Certified Support Specialist, CRMB stands for Certified Residential Management Bookkeeper, CMC stands for Certified Maintenance Coordinator,  RMP® stands for Residential Management Professional, MPM® stands for Master Property Manager, and CRMC® stands for Certified Residential Management Company.

Identity Standards Manual

This identity standards manual was created so that all NARPM® staff, members, volunteers and business partners have a clear set of guidelines for promoting, producing, programming, designing or writing anything related to NARPM®.

Download the manual.

Most current version as of January 2017.