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June Legislative Scoop: What’s Up with Rent Control?

June 2018  •  Posted In: Legislative, News, Residential Resource

As we continue to see more and more municipalities embrace rent control, it raises the question of who’s next. There are currently more than 100 municipalities that have rent control laws in place and more are taking the bait. Let’s explore both sides of the coin and see how it… Read More

What Can We Do About Affordable Housing

May 2018  •  Posted In: Legislative, Residential Resource

I have written about the national affordable housing problem in this column before, so you already know there are almost 40 million Americans that are challenged by their housing budget. What you may not know is this is approximately a 40% increase since 2007. Why would this be? Obviously, most… Read More

Be Featured at Our 2018 Day on the Hill

April 2018  •  Posted In: Legislative, NARPM PAC

Wonderful 2018 Day on the Hill Sponsorship Opportunities available! One way or another, we have a way you can #GetINvolved in the political process on behalf of our industry and NARPM. Whether you’re an Associate/Professional Member, an Affiliate Member, or if you’re not going to make it to Washington D.C…. Read More

April Legislative Scoop: DOTH and PAC

April 2018  •  Posted In: Legislative, NARPM PAC, News, Residential Resource

Aloooooha! I’m your new NARPM Governmental Affairs Committee Chair, all the way from Oahu, Hawaii. I’m honored for the opportunity to serve you in this role. Now down to business. We need you! That’s right — we need you! Some of you shy away from anything to do with politics…. Read More

Unless You’re Involved, You Get What You Get

February 2018  •  Posted In: Legislative

NARPM® PAC is Your Advocate and Voice Do you believe in destiny? Fate?  Do you want to possibly exercise some control over your professional destiny? NARPM PAC involvement may be just what you’re looking for — even if you didn’t know it. Why is this so important? Because unless you’re… Read More

Suggest NARPM Candidate Contributions for 2018

February 2018  •  Posted In: Legislative

You’re Input Matters! The NARPM Nomination Leadership Team and NARPM PAC Trustees are considering funding decisions for the 2018 election cycle. As a part of that process, you, as NARPM Members, have the opportunity to suggest members of Congress or the Senate or candidates you would like to nominate for… Read More

Register for the NARPM 2018 Day on the Hill

January 2018  •  Posted In: Legislative

Make a Difference in Property Management Become a property manager advocate in 2018! Join us in Washington, D.C. on May 14 and 15 for this year’s Day on the Hill. The annual #DOTH event is when different voices from different industries come together as advocates for their individual specialties. Every… Read More

Growing by Leaps and Bounds

January 2018  •  Posted In: Legislative, Residential Resource

The Governmental Affairs Committee: Growing by Leaps and Bounds The NARPM® Governmental Affairs Committee has grown by leaps and bounds. We meet monthly to discuss national issues that could potentially affect our industry as well as get reports about issues that affect our members at the local levels. In order… Read More