Eliminating the Problem of Pirate Radio Operations

Persons or Businesses Operating “Pirate” Broadcast Stations
Are in Violation of Federal Law and Subject to Enforcement Action

3-1-2016 | Federal law prohibits operating radio broadcasting equipment in most cases without an FCC license. Thus, perpetrators of pirate radio stations, which by definition do not obtain FCC licenses or comply with Commission rules and requirements, are in violation of Federal law and FCC rules. This prohibition does not discriminate by size of operations, applying equally to the rebellious high school kid operating a radio station from his bedroom as it does to slick and sophisticated high-powered illegal broadcast operations.

Please be advised that pirate radio operators also seek support from landlords or advertisers, including nightclubs, concert promoters and local merchants. Providing support for such illegal activity could not only damage the reputation of such businesses, but could expose them to FCC enforcement or other legal actions.

You can read the advisory in its entirety here.