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Industry Facts Toolkit

It’s no secret that the rental housing industry is faced with a number of myths, misconceptions and misinformation. That’s why we’ve put together two toolkits. They include interactive and visual resources for you to share across your networks to help break down the most common misconceptions.

What To Do: Push out links to these fun quizzes, infographics, and videos to your personal and professional networks. We’ve even created some language you can use to post with the link!

Where To Do It: Anywhere! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online communities, email, newsletters, or any other place you share information.

When To Do It: Anytime! Let’s get the truth out there!

Toolkit #1

Myths Quiz (Quiz)Myths Quic icon


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Can you tell fact from fiction? Take the quiz to test your rental housing industry knowledge at

Which myth surprised you most?

6 Smart Reasons to Rent (Infographic)Samrt Reasons to Rent icon


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Have you always been told that it’s best for your financial future to buy a home? Here are six reasons why it could be smarter to rent.

Breaking Down $1 of Rent (Video)$1 of Rent icon


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With so much discussion around rent during COVID-19, the rental housing industry dispels commons misconceptions and explains where a $1 of rent really goes.


Toolkit #2
How the Rental Industry Helps You

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These resources are brought to you as part of the COVID-19 Rental Housing Support Initiative.

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