Sponsors and Exhibit Opportunities

If you have questions about Conferences, Conventions, Sponsorship or Exhibit Opportunities
Please contact conventioninfo@narpm.org

Annual Convention & Trade Show

The 2018 Annual Convention and Trade Show attracts more than 800 property managers from across the country and internationally each year to share ideas, attend workshops, and learn about new products and services from our Affiliates. The 2018 Exhibitor Prospectus was posted in February.

State Conferences

State conferences are held in numerous locations throughout the US and provide platforms for networking at the local level that result in sales! View the schedule of future State Conferences to decide how and where to participate.

Don’t Miss Out!

Access to Industry Leaders

NARPM® members have an average of 18+ years experience in the real estate industry and 14+ years experience in property management. As an exhibitor or sponsor, you will be connecting with the industry’s experienced leaders.

The Decision Makers

A recent survey of NARPM® members reported that 66 percent of our members own a partial or full interest in their company. These same members will be attending and will be evaluating your products and services.

Property Managers Share Ideas

The vast majority of NARPM® members are also members of local chapters that meet once a month. During these meetings, property managers share ideas and report back new ideas from the National Convention.

Attendees Stay at Hotel

Nearly all attendees of the convention and conferences stay at the hotel where the event is being held. This means you will not only be interacting with members during the convention, but at the coffee shop, steak house, sports club and pool.