Message from the President - National Association of Residential Property Managers

Message from the President

This is going to be an exciting year for NARPM®. We’ll be focusing on our theme for the year, “Strength in Community.” The NARPM® Community has done so much for me and built me into the person I am today. Our theme is dedicated to continuing to build individuals as members and as leaders in their own communities as well as the NARPM® community. We’ve done so much in 2022 due to the outstanding leadership of Past President Liz Cleyman, MPM® RMP®, and I thank Liz for her service and mentorship. The strategic plan created under President Cleyman is a two-year plan spanning 2022 and 2023. While we’ve achieved so much up to now, we still have work to do to accomplish the goals set by the Strategic Planning Committee. 2023 is a year in which we’re going to push even harder to return to high-quality, in-person events, not just at the National level, but at the Chapter level as well. It’s time (even for those Chapters that have struggled to do this) to find a way and to provide for our Members the resources they need to build their companies and themselves. We’ll do this by putting an even bigger emphasis on the strategic focuses we’ve been working on since the beginning of the year:

1. To actively add, engage and support new Members by quickly onboarding them and engaging them at the national and local levels.

2. To grow and strengthen the size and effectiveness of our local and state Chapters and find a way to do the same for our members who may not be close to a local or state Chapter.

3. Increase the visibility of, and blow out of the water, our engagement in NARPM®’s legislative and advocacy efforts. We’ve come such a long way in a short time, including introducing our first bill in Congress, just in the last month. And we need to go further.

These areas of focus are largely internal and focus on what we’ll do within our NARPM® sphere to continue to harness the strength we have now and build a bigger and better community. However, we need to do more externally to change the perception of our industry. Pitting landlords versus tenants only hurts us in the long run, and it’s my perspective that NARPM® has a responsibility to facilitate a change in the narrative that landlords and tenants should be at odds. Let’s work together to change the narrative and tell a different story to better the communities around us. We cannot achieve this if we focus only on profitability of our businesses (though that should certainly be a focus). We have to look at our communities and think how we can work with them to achieve the goals of building together stronger. To this end, I’m extremely proud to announce our partnership with our national charity for 2023, Communities in Schools, or CIS (https://www. CIS is the most successful dropoutprevention organization in America. Our goal will be to raise $50,000 for CIS Chapters all over the country. I also want to point out that stroking a check is great, but the reason CIS is amazing isn’t because of the money. Yes, raising money for school supplies is important, but the holistic approach that CIS takes to improving the lives of these kids by providing consistency in their lives is even more important. This is why I’m working now with some of our vendor partners to create opportunities for individuals and local NARPM® Chapters to get involved with your local chapters of CIS. We have an opportunity to move ahead into 2023 as a group. That opportunity is to build on what has gotten us here and improve the lives of those around us in our communities. I am truly honored to have the opportunity to be President of this organization in 2023, and I believe, with the help of our tremendous Board of Directors, that we will not only achieve our goals set forth by our volunteers, but strengthen our community in a way that will ready us for the years beyond our tenure.

Tim Wehner, MPM® RMP®
2023 NARPM® President

Tim Wehner, MPM® RMP®

Liz Cleyman photo2023 NARPM® President Tim Wehner, MPM® RMP®, is Vice President of Acquisitions at Evernest. He has volunteered
with NARPM® since 2010, when he helped start the Greater Richmond Chapter in Virginia. He served as the Chapter’s
Treasurer and President before moving onto volunteerism at the State and National levels.