California State (CALNARPM)

Join your fellow NARPM® members from around the region for networking, education, workshops, great guest speakers, and much more. This year, we are RAISING THE BAR. Verb. raise the bar. (idiomatic) To raise standards or expectations, especially by creating something to a higher standard. This expression comes from track and field games. There are at least two which utilize a bar to measure physical accomplishment, the High Jump and the Pole Vault. The first involves running and then jumping over a bar raised parallel to the ground at a certain distance. At the CALNARPM Conference you will learn how to run your business successfully in a unique regulatory and challenging business environment and jump over the unique hurdles that Property Managers encounter. Do you want to take your business to the next level?  Increase your standards?  Provide more income? Discover all the tips and tricks from the experts.  The CALNARPM 2020 conference will teach you how to stay in the game and grow your business and exceed your expectations. 

The 2019 CALNARPM Conference & Tradeshow will be held in Palm Springs, California.

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