Certified Residential Management Bookkeeper (CRMB)

The CRMB certification is the newest certification available from NARPM®. NARPM® seeks to become the dominant source for educating and training Management Bookkeeper in the residential property management industry. A properly trained, well-educated staff member will return untold profits to your bottom line. Virtually all requirements of the CRMB certification can be earned at the local level.

If you have questions about Designations and Certifications
Please contact designationinfo@narpm.org

CRMB Requirements

  • Download the CRMB Checklist
  • Copy of Application with application fee of $95 (Candidacy must be completed within two (2) years.)
  • Verification that candidate is a NARPM® Support Staff Member in good standing. (Membership dues must be current and no pending grievances against candidate).
  • One letter of recommendation from current employer or supervisor. Letters of Recommendation should be completed through online designation packet.
  • One letter of recommendation from a tenant, client, or professional peer. Letters of Recommendation should be completed through online designation packet.
  • Verification of employment with your sponsoring property management company – minimum of one (1) year required.
  • Completion of three NARPM® CRMB Courses plus the NARPM® Ethics Course
  • Electives – Must total at least 25 points. An itemized statement of points earned via the point system must be a part of your narrative summary and must accompany the Self-Managed Candidacy Checklist. If you have questions, consult your Sponsor or NARPM® National.
  • Apply for Certification

2 & 3-Hour Courses

The following four educational courses are required to earn the CRMB® designation. Some courses are only available online at this time. Courses include: