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March 15, 2018 • Membership

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This blog is full of ideas to equip you with information that you can use to share all that NARPM® has to offer other property managers.

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Membership at NARPM® comes with outstanding business opportunities for growth. How do you convey that to someone in a way that converts him or her to join?
As consummate professionals, you are already skilled in the basic elements of the sale. We want to make selling NARPM® to potential new members simple. 
We’re providing tools and suggestions to give you a head start preparing and planning to refer new members.

Make a Plan 

Clarify the mission with the end in mind. Plan toward your goal by making a list of 10 to 25 property managers, brokers, owners, real estate professionals, support staff, or industry business owners that are not current members. Did you know the NARPM LinkedIn group has over 14,700 industry professionals that aren’t members? That could be a great place to start. 
Decide how you plan to break the ice and contact each person. Telephone calls or face-to-face meetings usually have the highest conversion. You may also consider email, text, social media contact, or a hand written note. 

Anticipate the Other Person’s Needs

Being an industry professional, you already have an understanding of daily property management needs. As a member, you know the motivations that compel an individual to join NARPM®. This gives you a heads-up on how to approach possible objections or challenge perceptions someone may have when it comes to joining. 

Get Their Story

Learn their motivations for getting into this industry. Ask about their business and experiences. Discuss challenges they face in their daily operations. Ask questions and listen to their responses.  

Share Your NARPM® Story

Your love of and experience with NARPM® is your most powerful selling tool. So many successful NARPM® stories start with, “So-and-so told me that if I was serious about property management, I needed to join NARPM®.” That phrase is usually followed up by their personal and business growth after joining, taking advantage of what the association offers, and getting involved. Be sure to be honest. The most powerful sale is made by under promising and over delivering.  

Ask for the Next Steps

Plan how you want to close the sale in any or all of the following ways:


Give Them Time to Consider

Thank them for their time and for the opportunity to get to know them. Give them a card to follow up if they have any questions or just connect in the future. After several days to a week, follow up. Warmly re-express gratitude for their time. Take this chance to offer any of the next steps again (above).  If you choose, you could send an email with marketing material and links for ways to pursue the next steps. 
NARPM® is all about networking and investing in improving the property management industry. One of the ways we do that is by growing!


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