You Can’t Afford Not to Attend!

March 22, 2019 • News • March 2019 Issue | Volume 30 | Number 3

Written By: COL (Ret.) Scott Glascock, RMP

“I can’t afford it.” How many times have we heard that objection from an owner? Confidently, we respond, “You can’t afford not to hire us as your property manager.” How many owner presentations have you done, telling them all the hidden reasons and owner benefits they would get from using your services? So, let’s talk about NARPM® events at the local, state, and national levels. How many of you have said, “I can’t afford it”? As a former 30-year combat veteran who knows the value of training, education, and professional development; as an active member and participant in our local NARPM® Colorado Springs Chapter; and as a great beneficiary of all the great things NARPM® can provide an up-and-coming or even well-established property manager, let me respond with, “You can’t afford not to be there.” With that being said, let me give you all the many hidden benefits that perhaps you do not realize:

1. If you don’t think investing about $150/month or about $1,800/year into your business to attend a premier training and education event is important, then perhaps, you may want to reconsider your choice of owning your own business or being in the property management industry altogether. As we move through the other benefits, hopefully, you will see a $150/month commitment is well worth the RoI!

2. There are so many educational classes that will help you save time and resources; which equates to money. At a minimum, I guarantee you will double your $150/month. I guarantee your experience will allow you to close, at a minimum, one more lead per month, process a security deposit faster and more accurately, get legal advice that would cost you more than $150/month, and see technology that would have taken you hours/months to discover and research online. More than anything, I guarantee you will be twice the professional property manager you are now because of all the great training, which is clearly worth the small investment of $150/month. RoI!

3. Property management industry vendors attend every one of our conferences and showcase technology, trends, upgrades and, in many cases, hold educational seminars. Just visiting the Vendor Expo/Trade Show is an education in itself and will allow you to consider options and budgeting in future years to grow your property management business. RoI!

4. Have you ever heard that the squeaky wheel gets the grease? How do we bring about changes we want from our vendors and our industry if they don’t hear from us, the consumer of their goods and services? This is an opportunity for you to talk with them – one on one – about what you want or need to make your business easier, more profitable or more efficient. Many times, I have discovered there were tools available that I just wasn’t aware existed. RoI!

5. If you are not in attendance, how do you learn about such things as the significant member discounts from some great NARPM® National Affinity Groups, including The Home Depot Pro, Lowe’s ProServices, Citrix, eSignature Account powered by BlueInk, and Cox Communications. Trust me, the ROI from these companies will pay back many times over an investment of $150 /month. The vendors and classes cover everything from vendors that change locks, accounting information systems, legal matters, pet screening, tenant screening, rent collections, attorney services, and others. RoI!

6. How many times have you thought, “I wish I was as successful as that office or person“? Well, this is your chance to grasp how. Those individuals and their staff are also there to discover how to become even better. Not once, have I ever approached a fellow NARPM® Member about a problem and not been inundated with recommendations or suggestions on how to get better. RoI!

7. If you learn how to overcome one more objection from a customer, or a marketing tip that allows you to close just two more deals a year, the conference has paid for itself. RoI!

8. Honestly, I have never met or talked to a person who felt they left a conference without some ROI! If you don’t believe you or your staff are worth at least $150/month (which is about the average earning for at least one or two doors per month), why will anyone else? RoI!

9. The camaraderie you will experience is priceless and an absolute ROI! Learning that there are others who faced the same challenges you may be facing, identifying how to overcome them, and making alliances with individuals who will be there to aide your future growth, is something you cannot put a price on. RoI!

10. Last, but not least, you entered into the property management industry for a reason. If you wanted to be alone, you wouldn’t be reading this magazine. Being part of a national network of professionals has many advantages; but if you are a part of the network in name only, you will never realize all of the many benefits that you, your staff, and the owners you manage for can receive if you attend NARPM®’s Annual Convention & Trade Show. RoI!

So, when an owner says to me “Scott, I can’t afford your property management services,” I confidently say, “You can’t afford not to hire me.” I can say this because I can convey the many benefits an owner receives, and I am confident because of my significant return on my investment that I receive by attending NARPM® events.

Therefore, when you say, “I cannot afford to attend the NARPM® Annual Convention & Trade Show,” I can honestly say, “You can’t afford not to attend,” because I have significantly profited from the many benefits of NARPM®.

I will be there – I hope to see you there, also getting a return on your investment. RoI!


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