April Legislative Scoop: DOTH and PAC

April 24, 2018 • Legislative • April 2018 Issue | Volume 29 | Number 4

Written By: Amanda Frazier, RMP

Aloooooha! I’m your new NARPM Governmental Affairs Committee Chair, all the way from Oahu, Hawaii. I’m honored for the opportunity to serve you in this role.

Now down to business. We need you! That’s right — we need you! Some of you shy away from anything to do with politics. I know, because I used to be one of you. Politics always seems to divide people, and the jargon just went right over my head. Some of you love to get your word in, any chance you get, if you hear buzz words pertaining to current events.

The truth is, we need each of you to be involved with government affairs when it comes to NARPM®. No matter which category you fall under, the laws that are passed will affect you. Whether it affects you
positively or negatively depends on how many of us get together and make our voice heard.

Here’s the best part — there are opportunities for you to help make a difference, whether or not you
enjoy politics. Here are the two ways that you can get involved.

1. Join us at Day on the Hill (DOTH): Ever wanted to take a visit to our nation’s capital and take part in creating history? Let’s do it together on May 14 and 15 in Washington, D.C. We will be gathering with NARPM® Members from across the nation to meet with our Representatives to talk to them about important issues relating to our industry. It’s so important to build connections with the people who will ultimately be making the decisions on our behalf. You don’t have to have any experience at all before joining us.

On Monday, May 14, we will be having training and will go over what you can expect during our meetings the following day. We have also planned some meetings with people who directly influence our industry. If you have questions and would like to sign up for the May Day on the Hill, please contact Tyler Craddock, NARPM® Governmental Affairs Director at: tcraddock@narpm.org

2. Donate to the NARPM PAC: What is a PAC?

• A PAC is a Political Action Committee. Most organizations have one.
• It’s basically a committee that gathers money from its members and then researches information on potential recipients of the funds. It then disperses those funds to them. Where does the PAC get its funds?
• The funds are monies that you, the NARPM® Members, donate to make a difference. What are these funds for?
• When an elected official is running for federal office to represent you in the House of Representatives or
the United States Senate, they need money to fund their election campaign. Donating to them and supporting their campaign makes a difference and can go a long way.
• By supporting pro-property management candidates, we help ensure policy outcomes that support
our industry.
• Getting our voices heard can make all the difference.
• If we are able to make a considerable contribution, it also shows that we are a serious organization.
• We want to be recognized as THE resource for anything to do with property management. Who will get the money and why?
• We take nominations from all NARPM Members, then go through the options and do research to see which representatives would be the best candidates.
• We choose the best candidates, based on several factors, including their support of issues important to property management and their committee assignments.

If you have questions on how to donate to the NARPM® PAC, please contact Tyler Craddock, NARPM® Governmental Affairs Director at: tcraddock@narpm.org

Please join us in our efforts to make a difference for property management on a national level. You
all know that we can’t do this alone. We need each other. We need you.

Mahalo for the opportunity to share my passion with you and for allowing me to serve you as Chair of the
NARPM® Governmental Affairs Committee.

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Residential Resources: April 2018 Issue | Volume 29 | Number 4


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